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Business Analyst – Banking

When we founded N*Able ten years ago, we had a singular purpose; to help business be radical in using technology to ‘do better business’. Thirteen of us left stable jobs, because we believed that things could be done better. Our goal was to disrupt this landscape, be a force of change, to facilitate technologies that allow businesses to leapfrog over their limitations and to ultimately, serve their customers better.

Ten years later we can say with conviction that we have created the envisioned value for our customers. We now see new possibilities, ways and means by which technology can allow businesses to transform and to disrupt age old industries. Now having over 200 people and 20 million USD in revenue our goal stays the same; deliver business outcomes.

We believe the purpose of technology is to make life better for humanity, which is why we focus on delivering value, regardless of the domain in which we operate. We constantly challenge ourselves to see if our solutions continue to deliver value to our customers, who operate in turbulent environments.

N*Able’s people are its heart and body. It is the sheer skill and commitment of our team members that allow us to deliver cutting edge solutions. What we look for in our employees is their willingness to learn and to adapt, as technology changes rapidly. Some of our most skilled people come from backgrounds completely unrelated to the area they’re working in currently.

The technology we now deliver, are disrupting themselves, which means we need to be in continuous evolution. And hence, our focus is on your ability to comfortably operate outside the domain you may have been formally trained in.

As a company that serves Telecom operators, Banks, Government Institutions and Large enterprises, our customers are looking to us to deliver cutting edge solutions in areas such as analytics & big data, digitization and critical facilities, to create personalized, contextual journeys for their end customer. If you are confident, that you can make an impact in these sectors in Sri Lanka, then we just might have an opportunity for you.

The Role
The Business Analyst is the vital link  between a firm’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives.  businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective way by determining the requirements of a project or program, and communicating them clearly to stakeholders, facilitators and partners.

N*able is currently looking for a, passionate and goal driven Business Analyst in Banking domain to be part of our specialist team that will be dedicated to designing, developing and implementing exciting projects for our client base. You will have to work in an agile environment, collaborating with highly skilled people who are proactive, passionate about technology and results driven.


Identifies and improves process execution to achieve the company goals
Evaluation of the overall business need and assists with design and implementation to ensure solutions achieve overall business objectives.
Acts as a primary member of the project team, overseeing and documenting decisions that occur throughout the project lifecycle.
Articulate specific requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business process analysis and task and workflow analysis.  Writes requirements and translates specifications to technical experts.
Serves as the liaison between the customer and the software development team.
Identifies potential technical problems before they occur and helps implement solutions by thoroughly validating all system changes relative to assigned work.
 Works with the business technology team as an advocate of the business unit supported.  Critically evaluates information gathered from multiple sources, reconciles conflicts and distinguishes user requests from the underlying true need.
Documents technical information, project information and develops training material.
Monitors progress of project and works to overcome challenges.  Influences others to achieve project results.  Escalates issues when necessary.
Required Qualifications & Skills

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent exposure.
Four years of experience in computer technology applications and analysis with 2 years on banking domain.
Demonstrated knowledge of Business Analysis; basic understanding of system design concepts; knowledge of software usability principles, understanding of testing principles and processes; ability to write and review test cases.
We believe in getting the best people and letting them do what they’re best at. We offer flexibility to lead your projects, and an open and collaborative environment. We give our people the freedom to exercise judgment and count on their innovation to drive the business forward. An attractive package, local and global learning and development opportunities, exposure to global partners/vendors are available for the right candidate.

If you feel you could add value to our business and would benefit by being part of our team, please send your cv to

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