Eating Pistachios Benefits and Side Effects

Eating Pistachios is good for you. Learn about all the Benefits and Side Effects. Constipation Weight Loss Giving it to your Dog. Everything you must know

Is pistachios good for you ?

Eating pistachios can be so much fun and tasty. Its one of the most nutritious and tastiest nut in the cashew family. pistachio diet is good for you because it is a rich source of Fiber Protein Vitamin and B6. You can eat raw pistachios or prepare roasted pistachios

But eating too many pistachios will be bad for you. I contains lot of fat but can be considered as healthy type so it can help lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Pistachio Benefits and Side Effects

This amazing nut contains so much of nutrition. Main source for Vitamin B6 and so much of Potassium Carbs Fiber Protein. Pista is also rich in in Antioxidants which fights against disease, such as cancer. It is a food packed Lower calories but high protein. Compared to other nuts 1 ounce of pistachios contains only 150 calories. Its only second to almonds almonds when it comes to protein compared to all other nuts.

Pistachio for weight loss

Are pistachios good for weight loss ? Do pistachios make you fat ? No it does not make you fat in simple. One of the best food for weight loss. Unless you eating too many pistachios. . Which means more than 100g per day. eing one of the best weight loss friendly foods it will help you eat less. Because it is rich in protein and fiber.

Pistachios constipation

High in fiber means it is is good for your gut bacteria. Gut bacteria increase the performance of your digestive system. if you are having a healthy diet you do not need to worry about constipation.

Eating pistachios before bed ?

Best time to eat this nutritious nut is in the morning. not before bed like other fatty foods. To absorb the maximum nutrition of nuts its advised to consume them in the morning. Same theory apply to the pistachios.

How long are pistachios good for ?

Do not keep unpacked nuts outside for more than one day. It can be kept in a sealed bag in a dry environment for 7 – 14 days. At home un-shelled pistachios can last long as 3 months inside the refrigerator and store it in freezer for one year. But its not recommended to store shelled pistachios in freezer.

eating pistachios benefits and side effects
eating pistachios benefits and side effects

What happens if a dog eats pistachio

What about giving it to your pet. Dogs do eat pistachios. But It is not okay for dogs to eat pistachios . pistachios are dangerous for dogs because its not really toxic. Nuts like pistachios almonds and macadamia nuts in cashew family can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs