Great Sober Island Resort trincomalee

The Sorber island is located in eastern cost Sri lanka in Koddiyar Bay Trincomalee (china bay) controlled by the Sri Lanka navy and maintaining as an Isnad resort best for honeymoon couples and family trips. You have to get a boat ride from the trincomalee naval base to reach the island.

There is a great fortress hidden inside the jungle. A view pointtower, Orlando Cove, Gun Batteries, Gun Quarters also there. There are ruins of english  soldiers lived in the island during world war era in Sri lanka.  The first Caribbean passage of the French, the Treaty of Paris, was handed over to the British by the Treaty of Paris, which was originally used as a military source. It is located in the Koddiyar Bay, which died at the age of youth. Named after the British Lieutenant Sober. During the Second World War it was also used as a lodging place for the battles of the eastern states.

The Sorber islands spanning 175 acres of land occupy two islands, while the Great Sauber island is the most popular attraction. This is because the old French graves, the ruins of World war II and the armory that was built underground are still there. In addition, it is fully portrayed in the port of Trincomalee on the island of Sober and has been built around a century ago.

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