7 Money Saving Tips for a Better Future

Five short and sweet money saving tips to save extra bucks and will help you for a better finance management and stable lifestyle.

money saving tips

1.Make a monthly budget

This is help you to make an expenditure for the month according to your income. This will help you to can cut out the unwanted the  expenses.

2.Log your expenses

Keep tracking your expenses but logging every time you spend will help your to manage your finance with your monthly budget. This also help you to forecast the monthly budgets for the upcoming months.

3. Manage credit card

Maintain a credit card with higher credit limits will lead you to to some unexpected expenses.Think twice before making a payment from your credit card online or off line. You will need to maintain your credit avoiding interest charges and late payments by paying full amount on time before the monthly bank statement.

Addition tips

1. Pay few bucks more than the minimum required amount in credit card statement.

2. Always look for the credit card promotions and seasonal offers in supermarkets and fashion stores before you shop.

4. Use Public Transport

Use public transport as much as you can. Maintaining your own vehicle will add you extra cost for fuel, insurance, maintenance costs and other government taxes. Cost per mile is very less when you use public transport. Also when you really need a ride in a car use mobile app like Uber or rent a vehicle per day package.

5. Avoid Fast Food , Restaurants and Cafes.

Make your own meal at home is one of the easiest ways to save money. You can shop for discounted food items in supermarkets and make your breakfast lunch and dinner at home. If your working on day time prepare your meal in the morning and bring it to your workplace.

6. Exercise and Workout

Half An Hour Of Exercise A Day to Keeps The Doctor Away. Many health experts recommend at least 30 minutes workout per day for a healthy life. This will help your body to burn extra calories and function properly. and also keep you away from doctor and hospital. This reduce any unwanted medical costs you will have to bear in future.

7. Save money for future

Think about of what you want to save for next 5 or 10 years. You must save a considerable amount from your monthly earnings for stable future life. Think about getting married, planning a vacation or saving for retirement when you decide the amount of money you plan to save.