Natural Remedies for Sinus Headache at Home

82% of American population has headaches. And 50% among them sinus disease in and around the nasal passages pressure. Specially at the age between 18 to 40.

Headache in the front of your head with pain in one or more areas of the face, ears can be considered as a Sinus Headache. You can meet your doctor when you have a heavy headache. But natural cure for sinus headache is also available to help to ease symptoms and speed up recovery.

Natural home remedies for sinus headache

Hydrate yourself

Drinking plenty of fluids fruit juice and warm water will help your sinuses drain. But avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Rest in a Dark room

Resting or sleeping in a cool silent and dark room will quickly relieve the headache.

Eat some spice and salt

Eating a spicy food like cayenne pepper will help open up nasal passages and relieve the pain and pressure.

Moisturize yourself

Moisturize you body using a warm wet towel around your head and the body. Also you can try a hot shower

Practice Yoga

There are some yoga asanas for sinus. Join a yoga community or a yoga guru to know about yoga poses.

Natural Remedies for Sinus Headache