Things to know before visit Ella Sri Lanka

Today I’m going to share you some important things to know before you visit Ella Sri Lanka – the hikers paradise and a dream come true for the instagrammer’s around the world.

Top 10 things to do in Ella Sri lanka

Common things to know about Ella

Best time to visit Ella

July to august and December to April are best periods to plan your Ella trip. Always check on google weather before you start the trip. There may be rain but will last only for 1 to 2 hours for maximum. Better to avoid school holiday seasons and long weekends when you are planning the trip.

Find a place to stay in Ella

Try to choose a place to stay at Ella. Most of the places are relatively cheap in Ella up to date. Rooms rates on Bed and Breakfast basis starting from 15 USD per night (3000 Rs in Sri Lankan Rupees). Almost all the lodges and hotels are listed on our pick is the nine arch holiday resort which is cheap clean and located 1.5 km from the city center. This place close to nice arch bridge.

Where to Eat in Ella

There are so many places to eat in Ella. Unfortunately we were unable to find a place with good food for cheap prices. Lunch and dinner starts from 3 USD (400 Sir Lankan rupees) in restaurants located in Ella city center. You can read some TripAdvisor reviews before you visit any restaurant.

Nine arch bridge

If you really want to take pictures and enjoy the view of nice arch bridge, be there before 6.30 am. This is to avoid the crowd. After becoming a popular Instagram photo location and Vloggers drone footage there are many people from all corners of the world visiting the nine arch bridge.

Ella rock hike

Ella rock hike is 8 km hike where you can start from Kithalella railway or Ella railway station.this is not an easy hike but a must do thing in Ella. You can complete the entire hike in 5 hours time. Take a water bottle and little food because the food and drink prices are very high on the top of Ella rock. Start the hike early in the morning. Ask for land marks from a local or watch the video below for not to get lost in the jungle. If you want to camp in Ella,  Ella rock is the best place to spend the night and watch the sunrise. (There are no water sources on the top of the rock). There are two view points in Ella rock , one is facing the Little Adams peak and and another one facing the Rawana falls. Distance is between 1.5 km. For more information watch the above video.

Mini Adams peak

Mini Adams peak is much easier than the Ella rock. Person at any age can take this hike and views on the top is more beautiful than the Ella rock. There are two 3 small peaks on mini Adams peak and each gives you different views. This 2 km hike will take maximum 2 hours time.

Waterfalls in Ella

Ravana falls is the most popular waterfall in ella, you can find it very easity wich is located on the side of Ella Wellawaya road. Kithal Ella is the other closest waterfall in Ella , you can visit Kithal Ella on the way to the Ella rock. There is a 3rd waterfall in Ella named Ella Wala Falls and it is not the closest to the Ella town.


All things to do in Ella

This is a list of all things you can do when you stay around Ella

  1. Nine Arch Bridge
  2. Little Adam’s Peak
  3. Ella Rock
  4. Ella Spice Garden
  5. Ravana Falls
  6. Ravana Cave
  7. Ella Railway Station
  8. Kithal Ella ( Secret Waterfall )
  9. Dova Temple
  10. Ella Wala Falls

Other attractions to Visit near Ella

  1. Budurawagala Temple
  2. Maligawila temple
  3. Dunhinda falls
  4. Diyaluma Falls
  5. Lipton’s Seat
  6. Adisham Hall
  7. Mahameunawa Temple Ella
  8. Nil Diya Pokuna
  9. Kurullangala

Most difficult and adventurous things to  do in Ella

Nil Diya pokuna visit and hiking Kurullangala rock are the most difficult things to do in Ella. You need one day each for both activities and you cannot do it without a guide.